Speaking Engagements & Workshops


  • Vistage LogoEngagements are often half a day
  • Each presentation is carefully crafted and customized to meet the needs of the audience
  • We often begin with a formal customized presentation followed by an interactive workshop
  • Fees range around $2500 plus expenses, but will vary based on requirements, time and distance

Watch the short video below and see how informative and effective
Michael is while speaking to a group of executives

Corporate Reviews & References


Michael,  Thank you for your insightful talk at our meeting yesterday. Your presentation was well received- the positive comments continue to roll in! Thank you again for your positive energy.”    Tom Cock, CEO



“Michael was the most creative, enthusiastic and effective person I have ever worked with. His efforts resulted in a MAJOR increase in revenue and market share.”   George Hill, Divisional Director of Marketing, Ingersoll Rand


accountants-microsystems“Michael’s leadership helped me personally and professionally. His wisdom and perspective created an environment where our best decisions could be made. Michael can relate to all ages and inspires at any level. When he spoke to my staff at our National Sales Meeting, they immediately asked me to bring him back throughout the year for a “refresher.” He encouraged them to be better at every part of their lives. I think that they liked his sense of humor, too.”   Karen Smith, Director, Telesales, Accountants Microsystems, Inc.


core-business-bank“We sponsored Michael to address a selection of our clients for a lunchtime speaker series. Michael has such great insights into sales logic and principles and he speaks with many years of experience. His presentation is concise and easy to comprehend. Our clients enjoyed the thought provoking presentation!”   Alan Fulp, President & COO, Core Business Bank



“The information [Michael Pearce] provided was timely, broad in scope, deliciously informative and delightfully empowering. He taught us a perspective that will serve us well in business and in life. He brought us a process that can “make A-people out of B-people if done right. He put proper focus on trust and encouraging dreamers. All of this and more while being entertaining to boot! In short he is a dynamite and engaging presenter.
Joyce Shaffer, PhD, Ideal Aging, LLC



“Thanks for your fantastic presentation yesterday at our Rotary luncheon. Given the number of sales presentations I’ve been to over the years, I was apprehensive, but curious. Your information was helpful and inspiring – and your delivery great.”   Kathleen P. Steele, Certified Financial Planner, CHFC, CLU, AXA Advisors


core-business-bank“Michael does a fantastic job of engaging the audience in his presentations. He offers valuable content with an engaging and entertaining approach. I highly recommend Michael as a speaker.”   Michelle Bomberger, Equinox Business Law Group




“Yesterday’s Keiretsu Academy was about performing due diligence on a company’s sales team and related process. I was duly impressed by the presenter, Michael Pearce, that I am making an introduction.”  John Suryan, Keiretsu Member



UMPQA BankWhen Umpqua Bank sponsored an event at Safeco Field: “Umpqua invited 14 of our top clients and prospects to attend a seminar presented by Michael Pearce on Revenue Generation. The feedback from the seminar was very positive. Attendees appreciated the ideas and content of Michael’s presentation on how to increase revenue, and enjoyed the interaction he stimulated between the business leaders. Everyone felt the seminar was very good and provided ideas that could be applied to their businesses immediately.”   Andy Barlass, SVP – Commercial Banking Manager, Umpqua Bank


“Michael spoke clearly, powerfully, and with great depth to our business leaders.on the topic of ‘Greatly Increasing the Revenue Trajectory in Your Business.’ I observed how engaged and motivated attendees were during the presentation. We were all glad we came!”   Gary Glenney, MarketPlace Connection