My Philosophy

pearce-headshot-2I believe revenue generation (sales) should encompass many of the core fundamentals necessary for a successful and rewarding life.

A transaction, for example, should conform to the customers processes and successfully match a providers goods and services with the customer’s needs/requirements in a way that not only serves the customer well, but results in a transaction that serves to better the firms involved, including their constituents, customers and their community.

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My Life Rests on Four Cornerstones


blue-Checkmark-square-25x25 We must eat to survive. Eating is key to life. Eating well brings satisfaction. It is our work that allows us to eat.

blue-Checkmark-square-25x25 We get much of the best of life has to offer from our children and our children’s children. We are designed to pro-create and it serves us well. At the center of my life is my family.

blue-Checkmark-square-25x25 We achieve the highest levels of contentment and satisfaction by serving others. Life is not “all about me.” Everyone has a fundamental need to serve. My approach to sales incorporates the satisfaction of serving customers well.

blue-Checkmark-square-25x25 Most importantly, we must all come to terms with our view of the cosmos and its creation. Do we believe there is a “creator” and can we have a personal relationship with Him? As for me, I say “Yes there is and Yes we can!”


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