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Thank you for taking a moment to read this letter. I represent my Uncle, a Seattle psychiatrist who has been in practice in downtown Seattle for over 40 years. It is now time for him to retire yet he has about 250+ patients all who have been with him for over a year.

He would like to provide an easy transition for them to a fellow psychiatrist who could continue with his patients uninterrupted. He also has a longstanding relationship with the Social Security Administration as an expert witness in competency hearings which he does remotely for cases across the country.

This practice is not a guaranteed transfer but it has the potential to come with the practice as well. He would like to facilitate an easy transition and is willing to work with the acquiring doctor to assure a successful transition for both the acquiring doctor and his patients.

The fee will be negotiated but is expected to be a percentage of the annual billings/revenue, and a significant discount will be awarded for a cash transaction. This practice can be available as soon as early 2017 and is a private transaction with no fees nor commissions.

If you are interested please contact me: Michael Pearce at 425-830-4156 or at [email protected] for additional details and/or questions.