Transforming Sales Teams (Radio Interview)

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pearce-headshotMichael believes revenue generation (sales) should encompass many of the core fundamentals necessary for a successful and rewarding life. A transaction, for example, should conform to the customers processes and successfully match a providers goods and services with the customer’s needs/requirements in a way that not only serves the customer well, but results in a transaction that serves to better the firms involved, including their constituents, customers and their community.

His corporate tenure includes domestic and international assignments. He graduated from the University of California and pursued his Master’s degree at Rutgers.

He is well known and highly regarded for his ability to build high performance sales teams that are able to generate revenue and margins that meet or exceed plan with consistency. His skill and experience allow him to bring “go to market” strategies, channel methodologies, effective process, productivity disciplines and meaningful metrics to the sales endeavor, creating sales organizations able to generate revenue and margins with repeatable, dependable and predictable results.

He was on the sales team that developed the first “Point of Sale” system which was deployed throughout Sears. The ability to generate additional revenue, increase margins and reduce operating expenses while providing virtually instant reporting and analysis created a new industry.

He was recruited to launch a business unit devoted to serving the automobile marine and aircraft financing markets, competing against the captive finance companies; he played an instrumental part on the team that created ATM, which was developed to solve the two competing issues of reducing operating costs at the branch level while increasing customer service and access, thereby achieving a dramatic competitive advantage.

As the general manager of the Boeing Software Products group, he was responsible for Boeing’s successful effort to commercialize internally developed software systems, leveraging the investment and creating an external business that resulted in several sales awards and industry recognition for growth and total revenue.

At Weyerhaeuser he was instrumental in creating a new business unit which was based on a “missionary” technical innovation, leveraging the company’s existing technology infrastructure, and resulted in helping to define a new industry approach to technology reliability.

He is a sought after speaker, a frequently published author, and the recipient of numerous sales awards, including twice being named among America’s best salespeople.