Sales Training Designed to Create High Performance Sales Teams

Changing the Trajectory to Profitable Revenue Growth.


High-Performance-Sales-Team-2FocusedOnRevenue is a sales performance consulting firm with a focus of helping mid-market companies build and sustain profitable growth. The company offers a specialty in proprietary sales training techniques that provide the foundation for Creating High Performance Sales Teams, able to consistently and effectively drive revenue growth.

The process provides a seasoned revenue executive giving you a fresh perspective of industry best practices applied to your business. The goal is to give your sales team to skills necessary to deliver reliable, consistent and predictable revenue results, routinely exceeding expectations.

What’s included?

We will spend time on site preparing for the formal training by reviewing the following revenue areas of your business.

  • Strategy – what’s the vision and mission and are they embraced throughout the firm?
  • Marketing – what is the current messaging, and how does it align with sales goals and objectives?
  • Sales – are the people and the organizational structure in alignment and able to achieve the expected results?
  • Process – are the processes in place that will enable the sales team to work at their optimal level, and is current technology utilized in a way that will help drive revenue?
  • Training – on the four core competencies necessary for success (and often overlooked) in addition to product training likely already available. They include; Behavior, Acumen, Influence and Communication

What do you need to provide?

To make the best use of the time, we would like to have some background data including

  • Markets served, markets desired, customer concentrations, current sales levels, margins, sales forecast/pipeline, quotas and the percentage of the current staff that achieve them
  • We’ll need access to the key senior management, sales management and the sales team.