General Approach



sales-trajectory-2FocusedOnRevenue is a sales performance consulting firm with a focus of helping mid-market companies build and sustain profitable growth. The company offers a number of critically important specialties that yield consistently effective revenue growth.

The process provides a seasoned revenue executive giving you a fresh perspective of industry best practices applied to your business. The goal is to identify those skills key to success within your firm, then building the processes and methodologies that the sales force will embrace and carry forward enthusiastically, generating consistent, predictable and exceptional results.

What’s included?

We will normally spend time on site reviewing some or all of the following revenue areas of your business.

  • Strategy – what’s the vision and mission and are they embraced throughout the firm? And what kind of change is necessary and can be expected to be embraced by the team?
  • Marketing – what is the current messaging, and how does it align with the goals and objectives assigned? What is the likely potential of identified markets and what methods will lead to rapid and sustained market penetration?
  • Sales – what is the best model for revenue optimization, direct, indirect, OEM or licensing? What is the skill level and potential for growth within the existing staff? Are they effectively aligned with the expectations of their management, including compensation plan alternatives that will create a more “driven” effort?
  • People – what are the identifiable attributes that will most likely lead to success and how do the existing personnel fit into that model? What is the optimal team configuration? What training can be provided that will immediately enhance productivity? Does the sales force understand and routinely utilize account planning and account mapping techniques?
  • Process – what are the processes and methodologies that can most effectively improve sales and achieve quicker more sustained growth? What tools can be implemented to accelerate revenue? What can be done to assure an “annuity’ relationship with the firms customers?
  • Metrics – do the reported metrics give the best picture of what is occurring and facilitate oversight and performance improvement?
  • Management – are the processes and skills in place that allow for effective oversight? What can management implement/change that would directly lead to revenue performance improvement?

What do you need to provide?

To make the best use of the time, we would like to have some background data including

  • Markets served, markets desired, customer concentrations, current sales levels, margins, sales forecast/pipeline
  • We’ll need access to the key leadership individuals.

How long will it take?

  • Most middle market, privately held firms can expect the initial findings to be presented within in 15 to 30 days. A Statement Work will then be generated and agreed to that will quantify the effort going forward; define the expected results; the implementation schedule; and the expected duration.

How much will it cost?

  • The fee, its structure and its terms are flexible, and customized for each situation, although it is reasonable to anticipate between $6,000 and $18,000 per month.

What’s the outcome?

We’ll consolidate our data and prepare a presentation with the following:

  • Situation Analysis including strengths and areas for immediate and longer term improvement.
  • Revenue Plan Suggestions
    • The most effective model for your firm including measurements, goals and expectations and associated compensation alternatives.
    • Processes and methodologies to successfully transform the sales team.
    • Management dashboards, metrics and expectations to assure effective oversight and leadership.
  • Recommendations and suggested project implementation strategy.


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