Leveraging Technology

Many of our engagements often begin with identifying the “low hanging fruit” those areas where we can suggest improvements/modifications that will quickly change the revenue curve for the better.

Technology and its effective use is often one of those critical areas. We find confusion, resistance and over reliance on the technical tools available, and often we find training has been to teach functionality and doesn’t include effective use for enhanced productivity, in other words, best practices.

We often find that while technology takes on an ever more important role in our daily lived and careers, it is frequently misused or unused, both mistakes in effective selling.

Younger salespeople often rely too heavily on technology, thinking an email, text or other electronic communication is all that is necessary.

Largely, it seems, they use available technology to “put the ball in the other guy’s court.” Apparently thinking that once they’ve launched an email, their task is essentially done.

And then there are those with a long history of experience, and with it a bit of age, who seem to rely on their “tried and true” methods, not realizing the world has largely passed them by and they can no longer win business on the sheer force of their personality.

They seem to take a perverse pleasure in rejecting the advantage technology could bring them. They are staring at their own obsolesce and don’t even know it. Both are failing because of their perception of the value of technology.

One undervalues it; one places too much value on it. We frequently offer training, and set of methods and practices that cure both problems, and all of a sudden technology becomes a reliable friend and a necessary tool, exactly what it should be.

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